Oculus Quest 2 Catalog Case Study

The Oculus Quest 2 has hit the market. I have been studying immersive technology and have been amazed at the potential of the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality worlds. I have no doubt it is going to change our world.

For this project, I was supposed to find an existing product and create an interactive catalog that has the potential to educate, inform and engage future customers. I knew immediately what product was slow at educating potential users on the amazing capabilities of this product. I am going to create a catalog for Oculus Quest 2. I want people to know the potential the world has access to. I especially want to let people know that it is not just for gaming. It can help all ages in all fields.

I started by creating a video to get people excited about the possibilities.


I read many reviews and created surveys. I was surprised by how little people know about this technology.

I decided to teach about the potential VR has to help our world. I saw statistics of who is using VR and projections for the future.

These projections were before COVID-19 hit our world. I am sure they are much higher now.

I started with the Oculus site. I wanted to create a catalog that is consistent with the design style and feel of the product. I would like this to be a digital catalog but also something that could be attached to their website.

I decided to focus on problem areas that our world is dealing with. I wanted people to see how this machine can really help heal. I decided to focus on these areas below to start with.

I am obsessed with the potential it has with helping this world have empathy. Helping us walk in other people's shoes. Experiencing being homeless or being a refugee through VR has been proven to enhance long-term empathy for these groups.

My Grandfather passed away this year and now watching my Grandmother in her new lonely world made me want to deep dive into the travel world through VR. When family members can no longer travel, they can do so through VR. It is a new and exciting adventure for our senior world.

My Grandma now loves VR!

I wish I had this option when I was going through school. I would have loved to learn about the Egyptian pyramids, both the outside and the restricted inside, instead of from a book. This technology is game-changing for education.

For interaction in the catalog, I have areas to touch and explore. Interactive timelines and charts. I have 360 degree VR images or “VR worlds” that can help people understand. I have videos to explain and show what the Oculus and VR world is all about. I think this is the best way to learn about this product. An interactive catalog will get everyone excited about the possibilities.

Check it out! Learn about all the new possibilities of helping our world with this new technology.

Prototype Link in InVision: https://invis.io/HR10CCGPM436

I am a student studying Interaction Design, UX/IxD/UI and Product Design at Utah Vally University. I enjoy photography, creating VR, and making things better.