Branding with a Podcast, a Social Media presence, a Mobile App, a Digital Magazine, and a VR Experience. How to make each uniquely amazing.

Picking a topic for multiple platforms

After a lot of ideas and many changes, I settled on the topic of Tech Talk and Travel. …

Maybe it was because I have a brother missing who was homeless in Israel. Maybe I knew I needed to open my eyes and help others. Whatever it was, I left that class changed and searching for answers.

It all started with a Website assignment

For a class, we had to find a non-profit to help with…

And the Life Lessons I Learned on this Journey

Changing my Perspective

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. This quote has always fascinated me. Could I create images that portray more than a research paper? Maybe that is why I have been drawn toward photography. Being able to tell stories without talking is an incredible talent.

I have been lucky…

Steve Jobs once said, “Simple can be harder than complex.” Trying to create a simple mode on Apple watches for a huge demographic that just wants easy.

The Why?

This is my Grandpa. He graduated from Harvard. He was very smart, but our new technology made him feel stupid. Big UX problem

In a time when people want transparency, finally, an App that tells you the real story

Our new world

It is a different world than it was 10 years ago. Many people travel places not for the experience but for the iconic photos and selfies they can take. …

The Oculus Quest 2 has hit the market. I have been studying immersive technology and have been amazed at the potential of the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality worlds. I have no doubt it is going to change our world.

I enlisted some experts to help me teach this topic at school. I grabbed relatives and friends from Apple, Google, Disney, and the influencer market to help us understand this crazy field.

Have you ever wondered how apps make money?

We were asked to update an old outdated website into something great

This is a page from our final website design

We needed to create a design that attracted the right users and marketed the right content. We needed to draw them in. We needed to trash the old.

I tested many formats to see what is best when exporting Audio, Video, and Images. And the winners are…

I spent a semester testing various formats. I learned what type of files, quality, and size I need for different circumstances. I created a 70-page document explaining the journey. Just for you, I will break it down to a couple of highlights. I will show you my winners in the…

Derek Balkman

I am a student studying Interaction Design, UX/IxD/UI and Product Design at Utah Vally University. I enjoy photography, creating VR, and making things better.

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